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Biomedical Engineering Encyclopedia

دایرة المعارف مهندسی پزشکی

دایرة المعارف مهندسی پزشکی

دسته نرم افزار کاربردی زیردسته پزشکی

- Biomedical Engineering Encyclopedia

Biomedical Engineering is the application of Engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. It combines the design and problem solving skills of Engineering with the medical and biological science to help improve patient health care and the quality of life of healthy individuals.

As a relatively new discipline, much of the work in Biomedical Engineering consists of research and development, covering an array of fields: bioinformatics, medical imaging, image processing, physiological signal processing, biomechanics, biomaterials and bioengineering, systems analysis, 3D modeling, etc. Examples of concrete applications of Biomedical Engineering are the development and manufacture of biocompatible prostheses, medical devices, diagnostic devices and imaging equipments and pharmaceutical drugs

این مجموعه به صورت کاملاً تخصصی به زوایای مختلف علم مهندسی پزشکی نگریسته و مطمئناً منبع بسیار مفید و راه گشایی برای اساتید و دانشجویان عزیز می باشد.

مجموعه ی فوق شامل بیش از 80 کتاب در زمینه‌های مختلف می باشد، کلیه کتب به زبان انگلیسی بوده و منبع عظیم و معتبری از اطلاعات مهندسی پزشکی می باشد،

کاربری این مجموعه برای کلیه دانشجویان کارشناسی ، کارشناسی ارشد و دکترای مهندسی پزشکی و سایر رشته‌های مرتبط می باشد.

لیست کتابهای این مجموعه 1000 مگابایتی:

1. Academic Press - Handbook Medical Imaging Processing Analysis.pdf (910 pages)

2. Advanced Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers - John D. Enderle.pdf (108 pages)

3. Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation - Northrop.pdf (556 pages)

4. Applied BioFluid Mechanics - Lee Waite and Jerry Fine.pdf (333 pages)

5. Artificial Organs - Gerald E. Miller.pdf (72 pages)

6. Basic Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers - JohnD. Enderle.pdf (136 pages)

7. Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - G.D. Najafpour.pdf (439 pages)

8. Bioinstrumentation - John D. Enderle.pdf (220 pages)

9. Biomechanics Principles and Applications - Donald R. Peterson & Joseph D. Bronzino.pdf (357 pages)

10. Biomechanics Principles and Applications - Schneck and Bronzino.pdf (309 pages)

11. Biomedical Engineering Handbook - J.D.Bronzino.pdf (3189 pages)

12. Biomedical EPR Part-B Methodology Instrumentation and Dynamics - Sandra R. Eaton.pdf (486 pages)

13. Biomedical Information Technology - David D. Feng.pdf (593 pages)

14. Biomedical Nanotechnology - Neelina H. Malsch.pdf (232 pages)

15. Biomolecular Sensing Processing and Analysis - Rashid Bashir and Steve Wereley.pdf (420 pages)

16. Biophotonics-Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century - Xun Shen.pdf (234 pages)

17. Bioreaction Engineering Principles - Jens Nielsen.pdf (554 pages)

18. Bioregenerative Engineering Principles and Applications - Shu Q. Liu..pdf (1089 pages)

19. Biosignal and Biomedical Image Processing MATLAB based Applications - John L.Semmlow.pdf (424 pages)

20. Biosolids Engineering - Michael McFarland.pdf (1018 pages)

21. Biotechnology for Biomedical Engineers - Martin L. Yarmush et al.pdf (227 pages)

22. Computational Methods for Protein Structure Prediction & Modeling V1 - Xu Xu and Liang.pdf (406 pages)

23. CRC Press - Biomedical Photonics Handbook.pdf (1787 pages)

24. CRC Press - Biomedical Technology and Devices Handbook.pdf (776 pages)

25. Cytoskeletal Mechanics - Mofrad and Kamm.pdf (256 pages)

26. Dynamics of the Vascular System - John K.J. Li.pdf (270 pages)

27. E coli in Motion - Howard C. Berg.pdf (146 pages)

28. Engineering and Manufacturing for Biotechnology - Marcel Hofman & Philippe Thonart.pdf (472 pages)

29. Environmental Biotechnology - Jordening and Winter.pdf (475 pages)

30. Environmental Biotechnology - Theory and Application - G. M. Evans & J. C. Furlong.pdf (302 pages)

31. Genomics and Proteomics Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Metin Akay.pdf (316 pages)

32. Glossary of Biotechnology Terms - Kimball Nill.pdf (289 pages)

33. Image and Signal Processing for Networked E-Health Applications - Ilias G. Maglogiannis.pdf (108 pages)

34. Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology - Russell K. Hobbie & Bradley J. Roth.pdf (616 pages)

35. Intermediate Probability Theory for Biomedical Engineers - JohnD. Enderle.pdf (114 pages)

36. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering - John D. Enderle et al.pdf (1141 pages)

37. Introduction to Statistics for Biomedical Engineers - Kristina M. Ropella.pdf (102 pages)

38. Java for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications - Bal and Hujol.pdf (353 pages)

39. Kluwer - Handbook of Biomedical Image Analysis Vol.1.pdf (661 pages)

40. Kluwer - Handbook of Biomedical Image Analysis Vol.2.pdf (831 pages)

41. Kluwer - Handbook of Biomedical Image Analysis Vol.3.pdf (358 pages)

42. Laser-Tissue Interactions Fundamentals and Applications - Markolf H. Niemz.pdf (316 pages)

43. Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging - National Academy Press.pdf (256 pages)

44. Mathematics for Life Sciences and Medicine - Takeuchi Iwasa and Sato.pdf (232 pages)

45. Metabolic Engineering - T. Scheper and Jens Nielsen.pdf (170 pages)

46. Microarray Technology and Its Applications - U.R. Muller & D.V. Nicolau.pdf (388 pages)

47. Micro-Nano Technology for Genomics and Proteomics BioMEMs - Ozkan.pdf (554 pages)

48. Molecular and Cellular Signaling - Martin Beckerman.pdf (592 pages)

49. Nanofabrication Towards Biomedical Applications - C. S. S. R. Kumar.pdf (431 pages)

50. Nanomaterials and Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications - M. Reza Mozafari.pdf (168 pages)

51. Neutron Scattering in Biology - Fitter Gutberlet and Katsaras.pdf (569 pages)

52. Radiation Physics for Medical Physiscists - E.B. Podgorsak.pdf (457 pages)

53. Sensory Organ Replacement and Repair - Gerald E. Miller.pdf (65 pages)

54. Signal Processing of Random Physiological Signals - Charles S. Lessard.pdf (232 pages)

55. The Physics of Coronory Blood Flow - M. Zamir.pdf (417 pages)

56. Therapeutic Micro-Nano Technology BioMEMs - Tejlal Desai & Sangeeta Bhatia.pdf (387 pages)

57. Tissue Engineering - John P. Fisher.pdf (594 pages)

58. Understanding the Human Machine - A Primer for Bioengineering - Max E. Valentinuzzi.pdf (411 pages)

59. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering - 6 Vol. Set.pdf (4056 pages)

60. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 1.pdf (655 pages)

61. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 2.pdf (544 pages)

62. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 3.pdf (634pages)

63. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 4.pdf (644 pages)

64. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 5.pdf (638 pages)

65. Wiley - Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation - Vol. 6.pdf (722 pages)

66. 150 ECG proplems John R.Hompton (317 pages)

67. Biomedical Engineering handbook - Daniel J. Schneck Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (333 pages)

68. Kidney And Blood Pressure Regulation - H.Suzuki , T.Saruta (178 pages)

69. Imaging For Students - Davide A.Lisle (270 pages)

70. Biomedical Material And implants - Andrew W Batchelor , Margam Chandrasekaran (257 pages)

71. MRI - Basic Principles and Applicationsfrom - Mark A.Brown , Rechard C.Semelka (268 pages)

72. Real Time Digital Signal Processing - Namjin Kim (322 pages)

73. Biosignal and Biomedical Image Processing Matlab-Based Applications_muya (443 pages)

74. Principles of MRI Contrast (21 pages)

75. MRI Measurement of Cerebral Perfusion and Application to Experimental Neuroscience (34 pages)

76. MRI Measurement of Cerebral Water Diffusion and Its Application to Experimental Research (37 pages)

77. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (43 pages)

78. Functional Imaging in Nonhuman Primates (18 pages)

79. Pharmacologic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (phMRI) (79 pages)

80. Anatomical Studies in the Rodent Brain and Spinal Cord: Applications of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (25 pages)

81. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications (34 pages)

82. Small Animal Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (22 pages)

83. MRI and Novel Contrast Agents for Molecular Imaging (30 pages)

84. The Future for Biomedical Imaging: Emerging and Alternative Technologies (15 pages)

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توصیه هایی برای روزه داران - استاد خيرانديش طب جایگزین گیاهان دارویی آشنایی با اجزای مختلف بدن حجامت اطفال - دكتر محمد عزيزخاني

4,500 تومان خرید توصیه هایی برای روزه داران - استاد خيرانديش 4,000 تومان خرید طب جایگزین  گیاهان دارویی 5,000 تومان خرید آشنایی با اجزای مختلف بدن 4,500 تومان خرید حجامت اطفال - دكتر محمد عزيزخاني

دانشنامه پزشکی (Medical Encyclopedia) زبان اصلی نرم افزار فرهنگ دارویی رازی طب جایگزین  طب سوزنی طب جایگزین  شفا

دانشنامه پزشکی (Medical Encyclopedia) زبان اصلی نرم افزار فرهنگ دارویی رازی طب جایگزین طب سوزنی طب جایگزین شفا

4,500 تومان خرید دانشنامه پزشکی (Medical Encyclopedia) زبان اصلی 3,000 تومان خرید نرم افزار فرهنگ دارویی رازی 5,000 تومان خرید طب جایگزین  طب سوزنی 9,000 تومان خرید طب جایگزین  شفا

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